Welcome to Soul Mate Tarot

We focus specifically on helping and enabling you to use Tarot to find Love, meaningful relationships and ultimately your Soul Mate. We don’t charge you for readings. We don’t ask you to subscribe or download an app. Instead we provide you with a range of Tarot cards and Nordic Runes along with some instructions, links and recommendations.

We also recognise that some people would prefer not to DIY - at least in the beginning. So if you'd prefer to connect with a skilled and experienced Tarot reader, we recommend: Lotus Tarot - they provide some FREE (yes… FREE!) basic online readings. Or Kasamba as they have heaps of Tarot readers who can help you with a personalised reading right now - anytime night or day

Using Tarot can provide amazing insights and guidance. It also causes a lot of intospection and self discovery. So strap yourself and prepare to be amazed! Below are links to some of our amazing products but perhaps you're best starting point is our instructions, links and recommendations webpage, which explains more about how to get started.

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For most people, love is a total and complete mystery. So any helping-hand is a good thing right? The good news is that with Tarot, love doesn’t have to be a complete mystery! And if you want what some insights, help and guidance,... we’re here to help you start/continue/complete your search for love and your Soul Mate.

Tarot has been successfully used for nearly 700 years as a divination aid for readings and fortune telling. So have a little faith - Tarot has a rich and deep history of helping people and we're confident that it'll help you too.

We're also about to set-up a Facebook page to enable our awesome customers to interact with us and each other online. Until then... please continue to email your feedback or questions to info@soulmatetarot.com and we'll respond ASAP.