About Us

The Soul Mate Tarot difference

We are the only store of our type - we are the only Tarot store focussed on helping you find your Soul Mate. But we don’t charge you for readings. We don’t ask you to subscribe or download an app. Instead we provide you with tools and some instruction/guidance and on how to use Tarot and your intuition to bring true happiness and real love into your life.

And if you'd prefer to connect with a skilled and experienced Tarot reader, we also provide some links and recommendations.

Our products have all be chosen to help you achieve success

We urge you to select items that truly resonate with you as this will improve your readings and make your Tarot journey far more fulfilling.

Our Service

When we confirm your order by email, we will provide some basic information about how to get started.  

We also provide FREE SHIPPING on all orders we fulfill so there are no hidden costs. And we'll let you know by email when your order has been processed and dispatched. 


You can find love and fulfilling and totally amazing relationships without Tarot. In fact, many people have BUT on the other hand, love is a total and complete mystery to the vast majority so any helping-hand or nudge in the right direction is a good thing right? Well… with Tarot, love doesn’t have to be a complete mystery! So if you want what some people call an ‘un-fair’ advantage, we’re here to help you start/continue/complete your search for your Soul Mate.

Tarot has been used for nearly 700 years. So it’s not just some new fad. It is widely-known and has been successfully used for many generations as a divination aid for readings and fortune telling.

How to contact us

We are about to set-up a Facebook page to enable our awesome customers to interact with us and each other online. Until then... please continue to email your feedback or questions to info@soulmatetarot.com and we'll respond ASAP.