Instructions, links & recommendations

What is Tarot?

Tarot is a divination tool that's been successfully used for many generations. It consists of a deck of 78 cards, although some newer 'oracle' decks have fewer cards. You shuffle the cards while considering a question, e.g. will I find love? Don't look at the cards but shuffle and handle them until you 'feel' you've found the right card or cards before laying them face up, sometimes in a specific arrangement or 'spread' before interpreting them. The cards provide the Querent (that's you the person asking the question) some insights and guidance relating to 'the question'. We encourage you to take time and record your spreads in a journal or notebook. This helps you reflect on your readings and gain deeper insights into the secrets they reveal.

Practicing Tarot can be really enriching and fulfilling. You can also do 'readings' for others or have them done for you (some links for FREE online readings and/or to experienced readers are included below). 

Tarot is spiritual. It's insightful, amazing and you just might fall in love with it like thousands and millions of other people just like you. 

How to start

If you want to start doing readings for yourself, you'll need a deck of Tarot cards. We suggest you start with the traditional Rider Waite Tarot deck because it's the most well-known deck in existence and features in the majority of Tarot books and courses. It's an absolute a classic that helped bring Tarot into the mainstream since it was developed in 1909.

If you'd prefer a more contemporary deck, we understand completely as your Tarot deck has to ‘feel’ right. Having a deck you like and identify with will VASTLY improve your readings. On our Tarot Cards page, we've included a list of other 78 card decks that we recommend but to buy them you'll need to visit the website.

So what should you do next?

They key is to make a start without procrastinating, however we suggest you read the instructions that come with your deck OR have a look at some of the instructional videos on YouTube OR have a look at the FREE 12 week online course available on the Lotus Tarot website. 

We've also created two lists of books we recommend - Books for beginners and Books for experienced readers.  

What if you don’t want to DIY? Or you need help RIGHT NOW!

We recommend both:

Lotus Tarot - they provide some FREE (yes… Free!) basic online readings. These are great, even if you want to do your own readings but you're just starting out. 'Seeing' a spread and how professional Tarot readers use and interpret cards, what spreads they use, etc... can be very educational. One of my friends recently told me her online reading with Lotus Tarot was 'really an eye opener' and that she was 'shocked' how accurate it was!

Free Tarot Reading


Kasamba is another great resource - again if you don't want to wait and DIY as they have heaps of professional readers who can help you with a detailed and personalised reading right now - anytime night or day. This service is really amazing but like most valuable things, it isn't free. On the plus side, we've organised a special price for your first reading - first 3 minutes are free plus 50% off to get you started. This is a great way for you to see and feel Tarot to decide if it's for you! You might want to take advantage of this while you wait for your cards and other items to arrive. 


And remember...

Tarot is a journey - one you can enjoy along the way! However,  the more you put in, the more you get out. So if you want to develop your knowledge and skills quickly, you'll need to spend some time experimenting with your cards and your spreads - this shouldn't be a problem though as you'll be amazed by the results!

Want to share your experiences

We’re just about to launch our Facebook page (watch this space) to enable our friends/customers to share their experiences. So we hope you’ll get involved and share your experiences and any advice you have to share about how to use to Tarot to find your soul mate. 

If you’ve found love using Tarot or just improved your relationship or changed your outlook for the better… we want to hear about it to help ‘our’ community improve, grow and find love.